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September 11, 2014
Trommel/Lg. Dredge

Private Land Listings

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You-Bet Mine Joint Venture.
A unique opportunity to joint venture with
Advanced Geologic Exploration!

Alleghany, Nevada County
Tyler Foote Crossing - 82.6 Acres $285,000
Scott's Flat, Nevada County
Banner Quaker Hill - 147 Acres $1,200,000
You Bet-Red Dog Mining District, Nevada County - Patented Mining Claims
Chicken Point & Smith and Powell - 97 Acres Commercial Grade $599.000
Washington P.M. - 40 Acres - Commercial Grade! $329,000
Missouri Canyon - 185 Acres - Commercial Grade! $995,000

Advanced Geologic showing the properties for 10% finders fee on the successful sale of the property(s) and will connect you to a licenced realtor to complete the transactions. The seller is willing to negotiate on the price, especially if more than one property is desired, and will carry papers with 20% down.

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List up-dated on September 25, 2014.
Prices subject to change without notice!
Other terms and conditions may apply.