Exploration Services

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Exploration Services

Advanced Geologic Exploration is geared to assist you in finding your fortune. Whether it is evaluating an existing claim or a producing a grassroots start-up program, Advanced Geologic has a wealth of resources to bring to the project.

From management to implementation, Advanced Geologic hits the ground running. We plan, we execute, we document. Our projects are run like a SOCOM tactical mission operation. There is a mission objective, and we get it done!

A mineral exploration program has a beginning, a middle and an end. It starts with project area, an existing claim, or a portfolio that drops on someone's desk. The evaluation program unfolds and it has many paths it can take, from mapping and chip sampling, to geophysics and drilling, to making the geology maps and producing the reports, and like a well planned mission, we focus in on targets - redefining our scope till the mission is accomplished.

Advanced Geologic has helped small miners and prospectors as well as large corporate resource companies with their mineral exploration projects. Each have different goals and require working strategies to meet those goals.

Small Miner & Prospector

Corporate Exploration Services