Mining Opportunity - Joint Venture

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Italian and Apache Washes

± 480 Acres State Land

Plomosa Mining District,
La Paz County, Arizona

Joint Venture - Call our office to inqure

Advanced Geologic has secured ±480 acres of mineral rights from the Arizona State Land Department in Italian and Apache Washes, two rich alluvial washes in Western Arizona. This lease capitalizes on a 2012 Property Summary Report produced by Advanced Geologic that presents the results of a reconnaissance geological exploration project that identified a potentially large gold resource within these washes. This opportunity concentrates only on the Arizona State lands contained within that report.

Advanced Geologic is offering a joint venture opportunity to mine the mineral resource whereby the partner will operate the mine and Advanced Geologic will be the operator's consultant in return for a small portion of the proceeds. There are a number of specific mining techniques that are necessary to recover the gold in this desert mining environment and Advanced Geologic will require the specific equipment and these techniques of their mining partner. The mining opportunity is presented in the proposal at the link below. Only serious miners need to apply and at such time we can forward you a copy of the full 2012 Property Summary Report.

Click here to view the Joint Venture Proposal.

This is an excellent project where the partner will be able to use heavy equipment in a multi-phased approach to first test the deposit, then ramp up to a small mining operation, followed then by a full-scale mining operation much the same way as you see on telvision. Not all the deposit's attributes have been fully tested, therefore, there is some risk involved, but this joint venture opportunity will allow the partner, through a pass-fail approach, to determine if their efforts are enough to recover the gold. This is a tough project that will separate the men from the boys, but if all the accounts and reports are correct, there will be ample rewards at the end of the day. Advanced Geologic is willing to try. Are you up for the challenge? Together, lets rock this project and go mining!

If you are interested, please contact Charles Watson at (530) 258-4228 or for more information.