Claim Sale Process & Fee Schedule

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Claim Sale Process & Fee Schedules

Once you have decided which claim you want to purchase, Advanced Geologic will prepare a Good Faith Terms of Sale Agreement that will outline the cost to purchase the claim(s), the steps of the claim ownership transfer, and your annual filings requirements amongst other things. You will need to sign this agreement.

Payments are easy. Advanced Geologic accepts all major credit cards, cash, check, cashier's check, money orders, and sometimes gold or silver. We can give you payment terms, however there are no discount offers for term payments. You must pay off the claim before working it.

On September 1, 2014, the BLM raised their fees for filing lode and placer mining claims. For placer claims, they now charge $212 to file the first 20 acres and charge $155 for every 20 acres thereafter up to a maximum of 160 acres per claim. Lode claims are only 20 acres so the fee is $212 per claim. Advanced Geologic passes these fees on to you at the time of purchase.

BLM Fees
20 Acres...... $212
40 Acres...... $367
60 Acres...... $522
80 Acres...... $677
100 Acres.... $832
120 Acres.... $987
140 Acres.... $1,142
160 Acres.... $1,297

Advanced Geologic also charges a flat $150 processing fee per claim. This fee covers the County recordings, notarizing of the quitclaim, postage and handling.

Once we receive your complete payment and signed Good Faith Terms of Sale Agreement, we will process the claim ownership transfer right away. Advanced Geologic uses a quitclaim deed to transfer the mineral rights to you. We notarize the quitclaim, file it with the County Recorder's Office, then with the BLM and the claim is yours! Sometimes this takes a few days or weeks, depending on how quickly paperwork is returned to us.

We have sold hundreds of mining claims and this process works the best. We are professionals and we are sure you will be happy with our services. Before long, you too will be out in them thar hills mining for GOLD!!

Up-dated on November 4, 2015.