Mining Claims For Sale

Cooks Creek
Placer Mining Claims
Plumas County

Advanced Geologic has an excellent placer mining claim block for sale on Cooks Creek. Please see the following links for specific information.

These are federal mining claims and the minerals are protected by law. ALL mining activity on these claims are prohibited unless permission is obtained from Advanced Geologic Exploration. Any individual unlawfully mining on legally staked claims will be violating federal mining laws.

$18,000 $15,000

*This claim block is suitable for commercial mining.

There is a substantial opportunity for significant gold recovery based upon historic information and the amount of gold-bearing gravels on the claim. These are the best mining claims in the valley prior to the stream entering private lands. The access is by 4wd only, limiting the equipment type that could be brought in. The road is good, just steep around two corners in particular. There are great camping spots on the claim, the best is at the end of the road as far you can drive up the canyon.

This claim block is well suited for a small trommel fed by a backhoe, probably a one or two-man operation. There is plenty of water to run the processing plant. Mining level: Recreational to advanced.

Got GOLD fever yet?