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Jamison Creek Mine
Placer Mining Claim

±40 Acres

Price: $8,500

Our Jamison Creek Mine is located in the Johnsville Mining District that is located in south-central Plumas County. This area is both a lode and placer gold district, and is at the north end of a major belt of gold mineralization that extends to the south to Sierra City District in Sierra County. This area was first placer mined in 1849-1850, and the discovery of the Eureka quartz vein in 1851 brought many miners to the region, and the area became quickly claimed up. Considerable amounts of course gold were recovered from placer claims, and high-grade ore was recovered from lode claims during the earlier years. A number of major fires burned through the area destroying parts of Johnsville and local mines and because of this, the total output for the local mines is unknown, although it is estimated that the production was somewhere between $10-$20 million.

Some of the amenities are:

  • Access only in summer and fall.
  • 2wd access on Poplar Valley Road.
  • 4wd access down to claim.
  • RV/Trailer/Motorhome friendly.
  • Easy access - with 4wd can pull right up to creek.
  • Recreational to intermediate with possible plans for production.
  • Campsite on claim.
  • Children and senior friendly.
  • Good swimming spots.
  • Downed trees, tree roots, grass clumps, logs, ect.
  • Gravel deposits/bedrock.
  • Tailing piles, pools, and ponds.
  • Lodging, food, and gas nearby at Greaeagle.

Geology- A variety of different rocks make up this area, including slate, schist, quartzite, limestone, metadacite, quartz porphyry and greenstone. Much of the central portion of the area is covered with glacial detritus. A number of patches of Tertiary gravels yielded gold in the early days. There are a number of north and northwest-trending quartz veins and several wide complex systems of quartz veins. The individual veins usually are only a few feet thick. The veins contain free gold and often abundant pyrite and varying amounts of galena, chalcopyrite, and arsenopyrite. Milling-grade ore contained from a few dollars to more than one ounce per gold ton.

Work Cited: “Gold Districts of California” Edition 193. William B. Clark. 1998

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Pinpoint is on Poplar Valley Road on the bridge that crosses over Jamison Creek. Follow creek down about 200 yards to Northern claim boundary.

Estimated GPS Coordinates:
Jamison Creek Mine

Northeast Corner Boundary:
39.79953° N
120.67688° W
4625 ft.
Northwest Corner @ Gravel Pits:
39.79953° N
120.67926° W
4515 ft.
Jamison Creek @ Northern Boundary:
39.79950° N
120.67894° W
4518 ft.
Outter Western Corner:
39.79579° N
120.67923° W
4596 ft.
Inner Western Corner:
39.79574° N
120.67799° W
4548 ft.
Southwest Corner Boundary:
39.79222° N
120.67787° W
4587 ft.
Jamison Creek @ Southern Boundary:
39.79222° N
120.67726° W
4581 ft.
Southeast Corner Boundary:
39.79225° N
120.67574° W
4625 ft.
Outter Eastern Corner:
39.79572° N
120.67568° W
4559 ft.
Inner Eastern Corner:
39.79569° N
120.67679° W
4550 ft.
Jamison Creek @ Center of Claim:
39.79574° N
120.67736° W
4546 ft.

Standard Information
The Location Notice for the Jamison Creel Mine placer mining claim has been recorded at the Plumas County Recorder's Office (see registered number above) and the Bureau of Land Management federal mining claim number is pending. It is a non-patented federal mining claim. Fees are current and you will need to file appropriate paperwork to hold the property every year thereafter. Annual tax assessment on the property is approximately $1.12 an acre.

BLM Fees & Advanced Geologic Transfer Fees

Upon payment, the mineral claim will be transferred via a notarized Quitclaim notice filed in your name with Plumas County and the BLM. Limited payment terms and conditions are available; information available on request.

Advanced Geologic has an exceptional annual claim paperwork filing service that will maintain your annual filings for any claim in the United States. Advanced Geologic reminds you that you MUST file annual notices with both the county in which the claim is located AND with the Bureau of Land Management by the appropriate dates. There are NO exceptions and errors will lead to the loss of your claim! Are your claims filed correctly?

Advanced Geologic is a professional geologic consulting firm located in Chester, California. We not only sell quality mining claims, but we also help people work their claims. Our experience in resource evaluations, compliance and permitting and claim portfolio management allows our clients and buyers to go for the GOLD.

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