The Gold Mill
Placer Mining Claim

±40 Acres

Price: Pending


The Gold Mill placer claim is located along the lower reach of Mill Creek north of the Bucks Lake granodiorite pluton that intruded into Shoe Fly Formation sediments and the legendary Melones Fault (the contact between metasediments and serpentine).

The Melones Fault has been the source for HUGE pockets of gold not only here but elsewhere in Sierra Nevada Mountains. Other famous high-grade mines along this fault include the Sixteen-to-One Mine, the Red Leaf Mine, and more. This hot Bucks Lake granitic intrusion remobilized the gold and distributed it throughout the country rock in quartz veins. Hardrock mines are numerous surrounding this intrusion. Just across the North Fork of the Feather River is the Virgilia Mining District - one of the richest in California. Rich Gulch and Rush Creeks drain that portion of the fault. Rich Gulch got its name for obvious reasons - it was richer than snot! Large knots of gold the size of softballs were found in Rich Gulch. Mill Creek follows the southeast extension of the Melones Fault from Rich Gulch. The fault is clearly exposed on the Gold Mill mining claim and just down stream are a plethora digs and mine works.

The historic activity in Mill Creek is not known. Recent logging operations on the south slope to the creek provides access to the claim - currently the access road to the claim has been blocked off but the neighbor prospector (a client of Advanced Geologic) drive is quad up and down it with regularity. There was an old miners cabin just south of the southern claim boundary, which was leveled by the Forest Service in the 1980s and subsequently declared an archeological site in the early 2000s. (yea, go figure!) There are vertical shafts through the alluvial sediments, log since caved in and covered over, evidence of ground sluicing, and hydraulic mining with small monitors.

Mill Creek appears to be of of those creeks that got lost to the winds of time. The staff of Advanced Geologic deserves kudos for finding it and bring it back and adding it to their "A" list of quality placer mining claims.

The claim attributes are:

  • Good camping on the road near the claim. A permit to "open" the road to the claim is possible with a NOI or POO permit. If so, then camping on claim.
  • A slight walk to creek's edge; slight hike up or down drainage from there. Easy for a quad.
  • Local gravels on bedrock.
  • Small to moderate gravel bars.
  • Widespread remnant terraces.
  • Tree roots & grass clumps, downed trees, logs, etc.
  • Medium to shallow water.
  • Mining level: Recreational to intermediate.
  • Remote, quiet and safe area; very beautiful.
  • Children and senior friendly - fun for all!
  • Nearest store: Twain General Store (few amenities but cute). Quincy is 1/2 hour drive to the east.

The creek runs all year long, but wanes considerably in the late summer.

High bankers will have a field day with all the opportunities adjacent to the creek. The pools are relatively shallow. Hence, the prospecting skills required are recreation to intermediate. Advanced miners who like to tackle the smaller creeks will equally enjoy this claim's abundant opportunities. If the road can be opened, then this claim could support a backhoe and a small trommel. There is ample room for a processing area and there are abundant remnant gravel deposits to provide several years of small-scale mining.

There is good camp site at the pull-outs along the National Forest Service road. This road is not suitable for motor homes but you could tow a fifth-wheel. It is just a bit too bumpy and it narrows in a few places. There are a number of tent camping spots on the claim, one dandy one is shown in the photos. Use the maps and GPS coordinates provided to locate the claim.

Miners and prospectors will have a life-time of opportunities before this claim is played out. Quincy is only a 1/2 drive away on Highway 70 and provides good amenities, such as restaurants and accommodations. Quincy also has a modest nightlife, a movie theater, a Safeway and an Ace Hardware, as well as a series of motels and B&Bs. Sorry, no Wal-Mart. Quincy is also the county seat for the county so you can easily file your paperwork for your claim.

This spot is one of a kind and you will want to add this claim to your portfolio. It is remote, quiet and safe.

Claim Georeference

W1/2, SW1/4, SE1/4
Sec. 22
T 25N
R 8E
E1/2, SE1/4, SW1/4
Sec. 22
T 25N
R 8E

Click here Google Earth Fly To and see an aerial photo of The Gold Mill and the claim boundaries.

Google map it for directions to claim.
Pinpoint is on USF Road 25N20 @ the Southwest corner of claim.

Estimated GPS Coordinates

Please adjust GPS to the following Datum & Coordinate display:
Datum: NAD27
Coordinates: Decimal Degrees

Northwest Corner Boundary
40.01078° N
121.07615° W
2955 ft.
Southwest Corner Boundary
40.00726° N
121.07615° W
3302 ft.
Road in Southwest area of Claim
40.00794° N
121.07583° W
3233 ft.
Southeast Corner Boundary
40.00740° N
121.07100° W
3333 ft.
Northeast Corner Boundary
40.01078° N
121.07100° W
3423 ft.
Mill Creek @:
40.00882° N
121.07259° W
3046 ft.

Standard Information
The Location Notice for The Gold Mill placer mining claim has been recorded at the Plumas County Recorder's Office (see registered number above) and the Bureau of Land Management federal mining claim number is pending. It is a non-patented federal mining claim. Paperwork is current and you will need to file appropriate paperwork to hold the property every year thereafter. Annual tax assessment on the property is approximately $1.12/acre.

BLM Fees & Advanced Geologic Transfer Fees

Upon payment, the mineral claim will be transferred via a notarized Quitclaim notice filed in your name with Plumas County and the BLM. Limited payment terms and conditions are available; information available on request.

Advanced Geologic has an exceptional annual claim paperwork filing system that will maintain your annual filings for any claim in the United States. Advanced Geologic reminds you that you MUST file annual notices with both the county in which the claim is located AND with the Bureau of Land Management by the appropriate dates. There are NO exceptions and errors will lead to the loss of your claim! Are your claims filed correctly?

Advanced Geologic is a professional geologic consulting firm located in Chester, California. We not only sell quality mining claims, but we also help people work their claims. Our experience in resource evaluations, compliance and permitting and claim portfolio management allows our clients and buyers to go for the GOLD.

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