Mining Claims For Sale

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Mining Claims For Sale

Advanced Geologic is a premiere purveyor of placer and lode mining claims. We have sold over 150 placer and lode mining claims in the last three years with over 97% satisfaction from our buyers.

We invite you to review the information contained herein and contact us if you have any questions or need further information. Sales will be administered on a first come, first served basis, and with the price of gold at or near record highs, these claims will not last.

Placer Mining Claims are located in drainages with known GOLD potential and historic operations. They all have significant attributes that make them stand out as prime acquisitions. Most are located in Plumas County, California, in part because they are local to our corporate office and we know the drainages quite well. Some placer claims contain excellent other amenities, such as camping, fishing, drive-up access, while others are in remote, hard-to-get-to locations. These "gonzo" claims can be some of the richest for the small miner. We have some commercial-grade placer mining claims and are always looking for more. We also have some private lands sales listings. There are patented mining claims.

Lode Mining Claims and claim blocks have had reconnaissance geology and sampling conducted to verify the kind and quality of mineralization. All are located in known lode mining districts where hard-rock mining has been conducted in the past. All Lode claims come with a Claim Staking Report that certifies the discovery, location and filing of the claims. Advanced Geologic can also prepare a Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling Report that describes the geology, alteration and mineralization, along with recommendations for Phase 2 and 3 projects. These are ideal for junior mining and exploration companies looking to increase value to their portfolios. Some properties come with ore stockpiles and/or tailing piles. Conveniently, we have separated the lode claims into specific categories of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc. We are always staking new ground and encourage you to contact us for your specific needs.

Most of these claims have been researched, located and secured by our staff. However, some are from selected clients with quality mining claims. These claims are duly noted. If you have a mining claim that you want to sell, please contact us for more information.

MUST READ!! All claims are “Unpatented” mining claims, which means you will own the mineral rights to the property but not the actual land. The land belongs to the federal government (i.e.; the American People) and are administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and/or the National Forest Service (NFS). The county by which the claim is located maintains local claim records and collects a fee for this service.

Location Certificates have been filed for all mineral claims with the County Recorder’s Office. The Federal Mining Claim numbers are listed on the respective pages, else are pending, and will be consummated prior to the sale (a 24-hour process). Each mining claim has been thoroughly researched such that no other claim to the mineral rights is valid - guaranteed. This is part of the professional service we provide.

Payment is accepted by PayPal, cash, personal check, cashiers check or wire transfers. Upon successful verification of funds, the mineral claim will be transferred via a notarized Quitclaim notice filed in your name with the nearby County and the BLM. A $150 fee is assessed to handle the transfer of single claims; less with multiple claim filings. Limited payment terms and conditions are available; information available on request.

All sales are final and you are responsible for all subsequent filings, including the Proof of Assessment Work or Notice of Intent to Hold. Advanced Geologic Exploration can be retained to maintain your annual filings. This is an exceptional service and guarantees no lapses in filings. Fees depend upon how you file your claim(s).