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North Fork Feather River

North Fork Feather River
Placer Mining Claims

Advanced Geologic has one placer mining claim for sale on the North Fork of the Feather River. Please see the following link for specific information.

These are federal mining claims and the minerals are protected by law. ALL mining activity on these claims are prohibited unless permission is obtained from Advanced Geologic Exploration. Any individual unlawfully mining on legally staked claims will be violating federal mining laws.

The Rebel - 20 acres
Caribou King - 35 acres

Our Rebel placer claim is located in the Seneca area of the Butt Valley Mining District. Located in northwestern Plumas County, this district lies between Lake Almanor to the north and Twain and Virgilia to the south-southwest. Lode mining which began around the 1850s, continued on through the 1930s, and since then, you can still find miners along the rivers in this successful mining district.

Geology- In this district, slate is most abundant, but also present are sandstone, limestone, quartzite and conglomerates. In addition, there are greenstones and serpentine. The ore-deposits in this district consist of gold-quartz veins which occur in breciated zones in all of the formations, but they are most abundant in the slates and greenstones. The ore contains free fold and varying amounts of sulfides, including arsenopyrite. Some of the veins and vein zones are 20 or more feet thick. An appreciable number of high-grade pockets were found. In places the placer deposits, both Teritary and Recent in age, were extremely rich.

Work Cited: “Gold Districts of California” Edition 193. William B. Clark. 1998

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