Placer Mining Claims For Sale

Poverty Gulch
#1 - #4

First American
#1 & #2

Atocha Mill Site

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Poverty Gulch #1 - #4
First American #1 & #2
120 Acres

Atocha Mill Site
5 Acres

Price: $130,000

This is a unique opportunity for someone who is ready to go out and start mining today! The Poverty Gulch #1 - #4, First American #1 & 2, and the Atocha Mill Site is located outside the town of Goldpoint, Nevada and has a fully permitted pilot mill and all the equipment is completely operational. Only serious buyers are to inquire and permission is required before sampling is performed.

The claims are consisted of tertiary gravel deposits and the material is course grained with pebbles and cobbles but also contains a lot of fines. Grade of gravel varies and some layers are richer and run between 20-30 yards per ounce and the average about 40-50 yards. The material is a classic Tertiary channel probably from the proto Sierras and flowed from the west to the east. There are only bits and pieces of it left and every drainage down wash from it has yielded substantial gold (for an example, Tule Canyon south of Lida). There are exposed trenches where you can see the deposit layering and there is a canyon where the county road goes through. You can hand sample these areas and almost always get gold!

As you can see, it is a basic complete equipment package consisting of a hopper, conveyor, trommel, sluice, jig, and table system. The hopper is a 5-yard, and the owner said from his experience it can be loaded about 3-4 times an hour of screened material (material that is classified with a grizzly 2'' minus. Grizzly is not included is sale).

Atocha Mill Site

There is a 200 amp, two phase power drop on a single power pole and three phase power is made at the Mill Site via a rotary converter. A gravity fed water line supplies water to the site and there is a lined fresh water pond and a tailings pit. The mill site comes with a pilot mill and operating permit from NDEP and BLM for 10,000 yards per year and can be expanded to 36,000 yards per year. It is equipped with a 5 yard hopper, conveyer, trommel, sluice, jigs, and a 5x10 shaker table.

Poverty Gulch & First American Sites

These claims are easily accessible year round and are 3.5 miles from the Mill Site. There is currently a bond in place and two open trenches for testing, both 200' in length. Most Poverty Gulch gold is sharp in shape and in the 90+% purity range. A single piece of gold weighing 1.3 grams was recovered and its characteristics were very dull and rounded and its purity was below 60%. These findings suggest there are two sources of gold on this property. The property also produces large amount of black sands. Most of which are ferrous metals but an encouraging amount of which is platinum and rate earths. These mining claims as well as the Atocha Mill Site are on BLM land.

Click here Google Earth Fly To and see an aerial photo of where the claims are located.

Google map it for directions to the claim.
Pinpoint is access road at the Northwest corner of Poverty Gulch #3 claim.

The Location Notice for the Poverty Gulch #1 - #4, First American #1 & 2, and the Atocha Mill Site placer mining claims has been recorded at the Esmeralda County Recorder's Office (see registered number above) and the Bureau of Land Management. It is a non-patented federal mining claim. Fees are current and you will need to file appropriate paperwork to hold the property every year thereafter.

Upon payment, the mineral claim will be transferred via a notarized Quitclaim notice filed in your name with Esmeralda County and the BLM. A $150 fee is assessed to handle the transfer.

Advanced Geologic has an exceptional automatic claim notice filing system that will maintain your annual filings for any claim in the United States. Advanced Geologic reminds you that you MUST file annual notices with both the county in which the claim is located AND with the Bureau of Land Management by the appropriate dates. There are NO exceptions and errors will lead to the loss of your claim! Are your claims filed correctly?

Advanced Geologic is a professional geologic consulting firm located in Chester, California. We not only sell quality mining claims, but we also help people work their claims. Our experience in resource evaluations, compliance and permitting and claim portfolio management allows our clients and buyers to go for the GOLD.

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