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Pineleaf Creek
Placer Mining Claims
Plumas County

Advanced Geologic has one placer mining claim for sale on Pineleaf Creek. Click below on the desired link!

These are federal mining claims and the minerals are protected by law. ALL mining activity on these claims is prohibited unless permission is obtained from Advanced Geologic Exploration. Any individual unlawfully mining on legally staked claims will be violating federal mining laws.

Pineleaf Mine - 40 acres

Our Pineleaf Mine Placer Mining Claim is located in the famous Meadow Valley Gold District. This district is located in west-central Plumas County, and is about 9 miles west of Quincy. Historically, this mining district was mined from the early gold rush days through the turn of the century, and is still being actively mined today.

Geology- The east portion of the district is underlain by quartzite, slate, schist, limestone, amphibolite and serpentine. Meadow Valley is covered by Pleistocene lake beds. Granite lies to the west. There are a number of scattered patches of auriferous Tertiary gravel, in the vicinity that were mined by hydraulicking and drifting. The Pleistocene lake gravels also yielded some gold. Some of the gold in this drainage is from rich local veins found on the private patented lands up valley, but it is the Tertiary gravels that bled abundant gold into the creeks.

Work Cited: “Gold Districts of California” Edition 193. William B. Clark. 1998

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