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December 12 , 2010 - The U. S. Forest Service approves the Plan Of Operations for Liittle Golden Grizzly #3, #4, #5, #8 and Old Grizz, Plumas County, CA.

October 13 , 2010 - The field crew led by Chief Geologist, Charles Watson, conducts Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling on 2 existing and 7 new lode claims, Silver Pick, Silver Pick 2, Silver Pick #3-#9 in Esmeralda County, NV. The crew staked the 7 new claims, Silver Pick #3-#9 that had been thouroughly researched for availability, assessed for mineral potential and mapped by our staff.

October 12 , 2010 - The cracker-jack permiting depaartment at Advanced Geologic submitted to the U. S. Forest Service a Plan Of Operations permit for Dark Ravine Placer #1 and #2 located in Plumas County, CA.

October 12 , 2010 - Our crews are out in the field again, the destinations this time, Lyon County and Mineral County, Nevada. The objective, stake 13 claims in the Shamrock Mining District in Lyon County and 19 claims in the Garfield Hills Mining District in Mineral County. In the Shamrock Mining District, AGE now has the Bailey's #1-4 and the Bushmill's #1-9. In the Garfield Hills Mining District, we add to our portfolio the "Raptors" - Red-Tail #1-4 and the "Six Shooters" - Colt 45 #1-5, Remington #1-5, Winchester #1-5.

October 1, 2010 - A fortunate buyer has purchased 10 lode claims in Esmeralda County, Nevada, the Phoenix Lode #1-#4 and the Montana de Oro 1-6. We hope you find your fortune!

September-October, 2010 - Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling was conducted and a report of the venture was produced for the Hazard Mine, Seneca, Plumas County, CA.

September 1, 2010 - After researching, mapping and visiting the sites, the Advanced Geologic claim staking crews are off again, this time to Esmeralda County, Nevada. The claim staking excursion consisted of 61 claims in 3 mining districts in the hot Nevada desert. The result of the endeavor...AGE has title to some of the richest ground in the state! The Esmeralda package includes: 9 claims around Oasis Divide, Phoenix Lode #1-#4, Obsidian Pebble Mine, Cleland Mine, Cleland Mine Extension, Super Sonic #1 & #2; 10 claims in the Good Hope/White Wolf Mining District, Montana de Oro 1-6 and Golden Sentry No. 1-4; 42 claims at Mineral Ridge, "The Poker Game" - Ace in the Hole, Four Aces #1-25, Full House #1-8, Royal Flush #1-5, Straight Flush #1-2, and Wild Card.

September 1, 2010 - The new 2011 Mineral Year begins.

August, 2010 - Advanced Geologic field crews perform percolation tests on 22 lots for Kelly Camp Subdivision in beautiful Warner Valley, Plumas County, CA.

August, 2010 - After researching and mapping the area, the Advanced Geologic field crew stakes 4 claims, King Solomon A-D, Plumas County, CA. A claim staking report was produced for the client who was very excited about his minerals acquisition.

August, 2010 - The Advanced Geologic claim staking crew headed by Chief Geologist, Charles Watson, geared up and headed off to Mojave County, Arizona for five days of claim staking. The terrain was rugged, the site was remote, temperatures soared, and the only place to get out of the hot Arizona sun was the patch of shade under the truck. The crew successfully staked 25 lode mining claims, Eagle No. 1-3, Miners Hope, New Years, Nighthawk No. 1-3, Cashier, Mint No. 1-3, Dutchmen, D&B, Duke, Little Boy 1-3, Buster, Manhattan No. 1, Prosperity No. 1, Black Metal Extension, Wallapai Queen No. 1, and Scotty.

August, 2010 - A Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling operation was conducted at the Check and Checkmate placer claim, Plumas County, CA. A report of the activities was delivered to the claim owner.

August 13, 2010 - Submit U. S. Forest Service Plan Of Operations permit for Braden Mine Lode #2, Trinity County, CA.

August 13, 2010 - Submit U. S. Forest Service Plan Of Operations permit for Little Golden Grizzly #3, #4, #5, #8 and Old Grizz, Plumas County, CA.

May 23 - July 6, 2010 - The team of Advanced Geologic tests the Tertiary placer deposits of the patented You Bet Mine in Nevada County.

March 4, 2010 - Advanced Geologic Exploration sells Little Schneider Creek Mining Claims. Sold as a set of four, claims are a true catch! Little Schneider Creek drains a large plateau of Tertiary gravels that forms the divide between the North and Middle Forks of the Feather River. The Rich Bar Fault, the western boundary of the Feather River Serpentine Unit, cuts through Little Schneider Creek in its headwaters. Both the fault, the serpentine and the meta-sedimentary rocks adjacent to the fault are noted for rich pockets of gold.

Just another exciting day here in the office!! =)

February 2010 - Receive approval from Siskiyou County, CA, for the Triple Duty Mine - Mine and Reclamation Paln.