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December 23, 2011 - Advanced Geologic is please to announce that they have entered into a 6-month lease arrangement with a private party for an Exploration and Testing project on their Casino Royale #1 and #2 placer mining claims, in the western Plomosa Mining District of Western Arizona. In the Spring of 2011, Advanced Geologic performed a reconnaissance exploration and testing project and discovered a seven-acre, 25 feet thick specific sedimentary layer that contained an average 40 yards to the ounce. Percent recovery loss during testing procedures was estimated at between 10-30%, which made this deposit quite economical to mine given the right equipment. An Amended Notice of Intent for the Exploration and Testing permit was filed with the BLM in early December is is expected to be approved in early January 2012. Both parties are excited to start testing the ground in more detail. Chief Geologist Charles Watson, who discovered the deposit, said. "Advanced geologic is very pleased with their new exploration partner on this project. His choice of equipment and time table for deployment, and the richness of the deposit makes this a win-win project for both of us!" It should be a very golden year, indeed!!

December 23, 2011 - Advanced Geologic is please to announce that they have entered into a 12-month lease arrangement with Bleck Resources for an Exploration and Testing project on the Belle Wash placer mining claim, which is located in the headwaters of the rich Italian Wash drainage of the central Plomosa Mining District, Western Arizona. Bleck Resources has been testing the property for the past 3 weeks and says good gold has been discovered in the placer gravels and they are pursuing a several down-slope paystreaks. Bleck Resources is currently testing an adjacent 20-acre portion of the Arizona State lands leased by Advanced Geologic. They have teamed up with Nordyke Enterprises to share equipment and financial resources to investigate the placer gravels of Belle, Italian and Apache Washes. Their accounts indicate the gold is both coarse and fine-grained, and chunky, often looking like "Grape Nuts" cereal, suggesting a close bedrock source. Bleck Resources has teamed up with noted geologist Paul Garmish, whose vast placer mining experience has already paid off on this project and has contributed to additional discoveries. Garmish and Chief Geologist Charles Watson have enjoyed numerous discussion of geology and shared many gold stories from the edge over the Arizona desert campfires and several cold and refreshing beverages.

Advanced Geologic has other very good placer mining claims in Arizona. Water is cheap, beer is cold and the gold is plentiful. Check it out here: Arizona Mining Claims

December 21, 2011 - Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! Here at Advanced Geologic we are thrilled to have picked up some very rich placer claims here in California as well as Nevada and Arizona. All claims have been added to our claim lists and information is constantly being added. Click on the desired link and make us an offer fast! These claims won't last long!

December 30, 2011 - Remember, your Proof of Labor is due with the BLM on this date. If you haven't done it yet, you'd better do it now! If you need help, Advanced Geologic can assist you with your filings. See our Claim Filing Services.

December 20, 2011 - Public Lands for the People PLP spokesman, Jerry Hobbs, talks about the status of the ban on dredging in the State of California. The next hearing date is schedule for January 18, 2012.

December 19, 2011 - One of the richest creeks in the Northern California Coast Range is Hayfork Creek. Early miners spoke of long packtrains that carried the gold to the San Fransico Mint. There were floating dredges and hundreds of miners working the stream banks. There is an active stream and multiple remnant terrace deposits left on the banks. Advanced Geologic scored big when the Blue Bird placer mining claim dropped off the active claim list and immediately filed on the open ground. This claim was held since 1906. There is plenty of virgin gravels that are still rich in gold. This is one of our best opportunities!! It is nearly year round mining and the camping is great. If you haven't seen our claims yet, then click here and check 'em out!!

December 9, 2011 - Christmas sale expires. You can still get some great claims and good prices.

December 2, 2011 - Advanced Geologic Exploration is offering a Christmas special of 25% off one of our prized claims if purchased by December 9, 2011. Give us a call or stop on in the office and let AGE help set you up with your Christmas claim. You can also view our claim sales page which features maps, photos, descriptions, and much more on each claim!

November 17, 2011 - The Discovery Channel show "Gold Rush", with the start of Season 2, has the adrenaline pumping here at Advanced Geologic Exploration. We have been busy staking many new claims through out Plumas, Sierra, Placer, & Trinity Counties.Click here to view our claim sales page for your chance to strike your own GOLD RUSH!

November 17, 2011 - Advanced Geologic Exploration is excited to announce the sale of Sliver of Light on Lights Creek. With year round flowing water the new claim owner is eager to start working his claim. There are still two more claims available on Lights Creek, giving that lucky future prospector a playground to pan, sluice, or even have a small trommel operation. Contact the AGE team today to obtain your spot on one of our abundant claims.

September 16, 2011- Advanced Geologic will be sumbitting an Exploration and Testing plan today for 1,000 foot of processed materials and 1 acre of disturbance. These are being submitted for the Chase Angel Mine and the Lucky Jack Mine.

August 19- September 15, 2011- Exploration permits for Wolf Creek Placer and Little Grizzly Creek have been accepted. Although we have sold all of our Wolf Creek claims, we still have some available on Little Grizzly Creek. Like Wolf Creek, the Little Grizzly Creek drainage is very rich! Dont miss your opportunity to find your fortune!

August 18, 2011- Advanced Geologic recieved the approval for 180 acres of leased state land to be included in the sale of their TR#1-4 lode mining claims located in La Paz County, Arizona.

August 15, 2011- Advanced Geologic is thrilled to announce their Eureka!! Placer Claim, which is located just downstream from the historic Eureka Diggings Mine, a substantial hydrolic placer mine. The first two gold pans on the claim had between 20-30 specs of GOLD, and continued sampling recovered additional amounts. You can buy this claim for $25,000. Maps, pictures and all other information will be available on our Placer Claim list shortly. Please check back with us, as this is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

August 10, 2011- Advanced Geologic has completed a claim staking project for the Brown Bear Placer and Saint Charles Placer claims for a client of ours. This included the staking the 13 Placer claims located in Sierra County, California. The location of these claims has substantial tertiary gravel deposits, and the largest gold nugget found on these claims was 73 pounds! (You read that correctly!) The owners are thrilled to begin their next phase.

August 9, 2011- Advanced Geologic is pleased to announce their involvment in the Triple Play project, which includes three mining projects in three different states; California, Arizona and Nevada. The projects include the You Bet, Poker Game and Casino Royal mines. Each Lode mine contains substantial quantities of gold and other precious and base metals, which makes this opportunity very exciting to us! Look for more information about this exciting project in the near future.

August 1, 2011- Advanced Geologic Exploration can be found on Facebook.

July 28, 2011- Advanced Geologic Exploration finalized the sale of some very rich mining claims. Included in this sale is the Remington #1-4 Lode claims out of Mineral County, Nevada; as well as the Western Lights #1 placer claim located in Plumas County! Jealous? Give us a call!

July 18, 2011- The value of gold and silver have reached an all time high, with gold topping $1600 an ounce, and silver coming in at over $40 an ounce! You could be the next person to strike it rich! Click here to visit our claim sales page. Do you have gold fever yet?!

July 14, 2011- Today, with help from the Advanced Geologic crew, another miner successfully obtained his permit and can now go forth with production! We have been working along side of our client through the permitting process and we are so happy to see him have the opportunity to go for the GOLD!

July 1, 2011 - California Governor Brown vetoed specific parts of the State budget bill (SB 87), eliminating the provision that would have prohibited the Department of Fish & Game from expending any funds for the development of suction dredge regulations.

Said Governor Brown, "I am deleting Provision 3, which would prohibit the Department of Fish and Game from using funds appropriated in this item for suction-dredge regulation, permitting, or other activities, except enforcement and litigation costs. This provision would prohibit the Department from completing a court-ordered Environmental Impact Report regarding the impacts of suction dredge mining on Coho salmon and other threatened or endangered species. While I am vetoing this language to ensure the Department is not in violation of the court order, I direct the Secretary of Resources to examine the program and associated policies before restarting the permit process."

This action resolves some of the uncertainty about completion of the regulation writing process and compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which we had projected for completion in November of 2011.

As of this moment, the Governor has not acted yet on a related budget trailer bill AB120. This bill, which is a companion attack by the same environmental extremists and a handful of Indian tribes who don't like suction dredging, would add five more years to the soon-expiring moratorium.

If the Governor vetoes the language in trailer bill AB120, the nearly immediate consequences to California's economy would be positive: 4,000 miners will be back to work and 15,000 inter-related jobs will be protected, adding much needed revenues to the State's coffers. The suction dredge gold mining industry generates $23 million annually in California, and supports jobs in more than 14 sectors, including restaurants, hardware stores, gas stations and camping outfitters. They, along with the miners, are hoping for a quick and positive decision by the Governor on AB120.

It is our hope that Governor Brown will allow the original moratorium to be solved with the EIR scientific findings rather than allowing anti-mining foes to keep inventing new criteria for the DFG to chase after and wasting taxpayers' money while doing so.

You can check the status on this legislation here.

June 29, 2011 - AGE has expanded their office to an upstairs apartment and welcomed back Christina Dunker from her maturnity leave!! Also joining her is her new son Lukas. Stop by sometime for a quick hello!

May 16, 2011 - We are back!! After three long weeks away from the office, first at the Mining Journal's Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in Placerville, CA, and then at our Casino Royale placer mining claims near Quartzsite, AZ, the awesome crew at Advanced Geologic is again back in the office saddle again and ready to take on the world. We apologize if we did not return your voice-mails right away and will strive to contact everyone who contacted us this coming week. So, spring is here and mining is happening. With gold at or near all-time high prices, this is going to be a very productive year!! Let us help you find your fortune!

April 25-May 12, 2011 - Gone Mining! Charles Watson and his incredible crew are off to Quartzsite, Arizona to conduct a placer mining exploration operation on the Casino Royale claims. Advanced Geologic acquired the claims in December and upon further research of the area, decided that this is an amazing prospect for mining. A joint venture was established with our awesome partners, permits were applied for, the bond posted, equipment lined up, and here we go!

April 23-24, 2011 - Come see our booth, #18, and meet Charles Watson, Chief Geologist and some of the Advanced Geologic staff at the First Annual Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit in Placerville, CA. Jessie has been diligently working for weeks planning and preparing for the show, come see what she's put together for you!

April 20, 2011 - A lucky miner has agreed to purchase the Feather Fork Mine #1, #2 and the Independence Day claims. This claim group was a huge acquisition for Advanced Geologic since the property had been held by the previous owner since 1911! Bordered by patented land which encompasses the site of the Feather Fork Mine, downstream from the Independent Mine, with the beautiful South Fork of the Feather River running through all three claims, makes this group a great opportunity for a great mining venture.

April 11, 2011 - Our prized Eagle Gulch claim, Big Island Placer, is purchased by a couple of delightful New Yorkers. The claim has been renamed the Lucky Jack Mine. An exploration operation is planned for this summer and Advanced Geologic has been retained to prepare the permit and represent the claim owners.

April 8, 2011 - Charles Watson and staff visited a terrific couple of claim owners at Lights Creek for an on site evaluation and recommendations for prospecting. Leaving behind corporate America, these claim owners are living the life that so many would love, an RV for a residence, the beautiful northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lights Creek Canyon out your front door. We think that they have already found their fortune!

February 25, 2011 - After an extended dry spell, our home town of Chester, California got barraged by a series of huge winter storms. Over the course of the next two weeks, the snow piled high, electrical service was out for multiple days, temperatures dropped, and the wind ripped through the small mountain community, leaving the Advanced Geologic home base office in a compromised situation. A roof leak and a plumbing leak brought the ceiling crashing down forcing the staff to pack up some office equipment and temporarily relocate to Chief Geologist, Charles Watson's living room. While a skeleton crew has been keeping things going, most of the crew is on leave until next week, when we'll be back in the office, barring any other calamities!
P.S. It is beautiful outside!

February 24, 2011 - A Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling Report for the Montana de Oro 1-6 lode claims in Esmeralda County, Nevada, has been completed and is delivered to the new owner.

February 21, 2011 - Wolf Creek is noted for its gold and it is where locals love to go try their luck at panning and sluicing. Today, Advanced Geologic sold its 20-acre Golden Wolf #3 placer mining claim, which is located in the middle reaches of Wolf Creek. Advanced Geologic has three more 20-acre placer claims on this creek, each with great access, camping spots and, of course, great gold! Check 'em out here Wolf Creek.

February 18, 2011 - Chief Geologist, Charles Watson, provides expert witness testimony in Yuba County, California Superior Court regarding the validity of a set of placer mining claims along the Yuba River. Charles was the key expert witness for the trial and his technical knowledge of the mining law was used in support of his client's defense. The ruling will be issued by the judge in a few weeks.

February 14, 2011 - A Phase 1 Reconnaissance Sampling Report for the Phoenix Lode #1-4 lode claims in Esmeralda County, Nevada, has been completed and is delivered to the new owner.

February 9, 2011 - The placer mining claim, Old Rough and Ready (formerly Taylor #1) in Plumas County, CA, has been sold to an energetic young man who will be working to find his fortune next summer.

January 31, 2011 - The Forman's Gold #1 and #2, and Forman's Jackpot #1 and #2 that have been part of the Advanced Geologic claim holdings for a number of years, have been transferred to a new owner, we hope you find your fortune!

January 18-23, 2011 - Chief Geologist, Charles Watson and his Technical Assistant, Linda Peterson, flew to New Mexico to begin a permitting project on the K.D. Claims in Lincoln National Forest. Lincoln National Forest has been exceptionally helpful and we hope for a swift approval on the the permitting.

January 5, 2011 - The new year has started out swift and steady for Chief Geologist, Charles Watson and his staff at Advanced Geologic, beginning with the selling of eight claims! Within Lights Creek, which is located about 20 miles out of Greenville, in Plumas County, six claims alone have sold. Lights Creek, with its rich green forest and year round flowing water is a great opportunity for any prospector to enjoy their newest endeavor. One neighboring claim already discovered five pounds of gold, and with three claims still for sale, this could be anyone's opportunity to say "Eureka, I found it!" Two other claims, in North Canyon Creek, which is also near Greenville, sold within the new year. North Canyon has also a year round running creek and is going to offer its owner a superior chance for panning, metal detecting, and highbanking.

January 3, 2011 - With the New Year comes the newest member of the Advanced Geologic staff. Jessie Brent has joined the team, filling in for Christina Dunker while she is out on leave. Feel free to stop in or call and she would be more than pleased to assist you.