Advanced Geologic Exploration enjoys sharing their exciting news with you, as well as keeping you up to par with GOLD news! We have made some changes to our news page so that it is easier to navigate. Please click the links for the year of which you would like to read our news updates.

2015 News Updates

November 18, 2015 -Advanced Geologic is having a blowout black friday sale!! Over half of our prized claims have been reduced and a few even slashed! This sale is only good till the end of the month so hurry and take advantage of these super savings!!

November 17, 2015 -Advanced Geologic scored yet another great find! This one is called the Grizzly Den out on Grizzly Creek in Plumas County. This 40 acre claim has easy access and great camping. There is also an old cabin right on site that adds some fun history to the claim. Grizzly Creek has abundant gold history so chances this claim won't last long!

November 10, 2015 - This weeks featured claim is a can't miss!! Clearly Rich #1 - #3 placer mining claims on Clear Creek in Shasta County has definitely earned its name. The pictures on the web page show the results of just a day out digging around and simply using a sluice. The elevation of the claims is right around 600 feet making it available to prospect all year long. It also has spots dotted through out for areas to set up camp. This trio makes for a great opportunity that the whole family can enjoy!! Call our office today for more information.

October 21, 2015 - It's that time of year when the leaves begin to fall and so are our prices on gold claims!! Selected claims are now 20% off!! This sale is for a limited time only so don't delay, contact the crew at Advanced Geologic and take advantage of this limited time sale!

October 9, 2015 -Advanced Geologic has two new claims for sale on Frazier Creek and Wolf Creek. Both have good access a place for a campsite along with easy access down to the creek. There is still warm weather left in this October so take advantage of getting outside and having some fun! These two are ones that will not last so hurry and contact our office

October 5, 2015 - Please contact Governor Brown and urge him not to sign SB 637 anti suction dredging bill. Go to the web site below, enter your name and email address and choose SB 637 from the long list of items to comment upon. SB 637 bill is near the end of the list. Choose Continue, CON and enter something like the following:

Please do not sign SB 637 bill. This level of permitting is not necessary for this application. The cost of permitting will essentially prohibit this kind of work and hurt many Californian’s earn a respectful living from their mining claims. With respect to the long and prestigious heritage of this great state, please do not sign the bill.

September 21, 2015 - There is still a small window of nice weather left to get out there and do some mining. Don't have a mining claim? No problem! Advanced Geologic has plenty of claims for sale to fit anyone's needs. Take a look at our website or call our office or you can even stop on in and the friendly staff at AGE would be more than delighted to get you all set up!

September 1, 2015 - Well it's the first day of the new mineral year. Advanced Geologic would like to say good luck to all the miners on this upcoming year. We also offer an assortment of services from permitting to claim staking, to assistance with paperwork and much more. If you have any claim needs don't hesitate to call our office and let the crew at Advanced Geologic be your right hand man!

August 25, 2015 - A lucky client of ours just purchased two of our prized claims in Meadow Valley! He didn't seize the opportunity to get both adjoining claims and now he has plenty of creek bed to work in. The Meadow Valley area is a very well known historical gold district and has yet to quit proving its worth. There are other gold districts with claims that we have for sale as well but they won't last long. Two of them are already pending in sale!! That's four claims in one week!! Call our office today and don't delay!

August 19, 2015 - Summer is wrapping up fast and before we know it the cold weather and snow will be upon us but there is still time to get out there in the creeks. Our mid-summer madness sale will also be ending very shortly so hurry and secure your claim now. Call our office and let the friendly staff at Advanced Geologic help you find your fortune.

August 3, 2015 -Plumas County has recently been sending out BLM forms stating that the ones used prior are wrong. This of course raised some alarm and after a couple of phone calls we were assured from the county that our forms that we use for the filing service are indeed correct. So if you use our filing service to keep your claim active then all is rest assured that your paperwork will be done correctly by the Advanced Geologic staff. If you do not use our filing service but would like some information regarding it don't hesitate to contact our office.

July 13, 2015 -Come check out Advanced Geologic's mid-summer madness sale! Right now there is 25% off selected placer claims. Call the office today and let the friendly staff help get you set up on your fortune!!

July 1, 2015 -Advanced Geologic is having a dynamite 4th of July sale: 25% off of selected claims!! This sale will only last through the holiday weekend so act fast!! Call the office for more information. We hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!!

June 16, 2015 -On June 23, a week from today, will be the suction dredging hearing. We have gotten word from a close inside source that Judge Ochoa will more than likely grant relief to the miners and dredges could be immediately back in the water!! Lets all keep good thoughts that this "scheme" is squashed and our rights returned!!

June 1, 2015 -Advanced Geologic has just reduced the Cooper Mine on Lights Creek in Plumas County!! This superb claim has easy 2 wheel drive access right up to the creek along with a spot to set up camp. This sale won't last long so act fast and secure your fortune!

May 13, 2015 - Advanced Geologic has two new featured claims out on Lights Creek in Plumas County. They are the One Eyed Jack and Ace in the Hole. They are right next to the Four Kings and Deuces Wild claims that the Advanced Geologic crew has already sampled and had excellent results. The road is 2wd accessible with lots of areas to camp so these claims are great for the whole family!! Contact the office today for more information.

May 4, 2015 - There is a hearing today for a bill being introduced by Senator Allen out of Redondo Beach. The SB 637 would require the California Water Quality Board to regulate suction dredging and also "related mining activities" such as sluicing, panning, and highbanking. Their goal is not just to regulate but eventually restrict! Lets all stand together to stop these crooks!!

March 23, 2015 -This weeks featured claim at Advanced Geologic is Round Valley Gold #1 & #2 out on North Canyon Creek in Plumas County. These two adjoining claims are just outside of Greenville so amenities are near by. There are plenty of pull outs along the way to unload equipment or even set up a camp. Main road is easily accessible with short hikes down to the creek. And don't forget your swimsuit! There are lots of little pools to cool off in after a day of prospecting!

March 18, 2015 -Two new claims have been added to the portfolio here at Advanced Geologic. The Robinson Mine & Robinson Mine Extension out in the Granite Basin in Plumas County has lots to offer for any prospector. It has a rich history of gold recovery and an old mill still remains at the sight. This is a must see!!

March 12, 2015 - Advanced Geologic is having a special spring sale on its prized Casino Royale claims in Arizona! This sale won't last long so hurry and contact our office today for more information!

March 2, 2015 -Advanced Geologic has a new featured claim, the Golden Eagle, out on Gray Eagle Creek in Plumas County. This claim has year round running water and 2wd access up to the claim. There is a short hike down to the creek along with spots to set up camp. Advanced Geologic just sold the American Eagle which was just above the Golden Eagle proving that claims out in this historical gold district don't last long. Don't hesitate on this one!! Contact our office today!!

February 9, 2015 -Well an epic storm trampled Northern California over the weekend! Trees and power lines were down all over the place leaving many without power. But one good thing that came with this storm was lots and lots of rain and for a short period some snow which is exactly what we have been needing!! Lets hope some more rain and snow comes our way to help get those creeks and streams flowing (but with less wind!).

Small mine in southwest Nevada needs contract ore processing while equipment repairs and upgrades are made. Ave head ore grade: 0.6 opt; Ave high-grade ore: 1.2 opt. Ore contract: 100-200 tons/week @ -100 mesh or raw high-grade. Will transport to your mill. Call Charlie: 530-258-4228.

January 13, 2015 - WE WIN!!! WE WIN!!! After a nine-year battle, Judge Ochoa ruled that state law cannot preempt federal law by banning the use of suction gold dredges! Negotiations is scheduled for January 23, 2015 to reach reasonable regulations. Click on the link to view the whole article.