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Annual Filing Service

Advanced Geologic offers a service to file all necessary claim documents with the proper agencies at the appropriate times. The cost of this service covers all of the associated fees for the filings. It only takes one late or improperly filed document to put your claim at risk. Don't take the chance! Let us handle the filings and be assured that your claim will be safe from claim jumpers.

The filing service includes completing the necessary forms, calculating the fees, and filing the documents, in person, with the BLM and the county. Your documents will be stamped "received" that day!

The staff at Advanced Geologic has many years of experience performing the filing service and will guarantee that your paperwork will be done accurately and on time.

Call our office to inquire about pricing and BLM fees.

The price for the Filing Service is:

  • If you own ten of fewer claims and are going to perform labor and improvements:
    * $250 for the first claim, plus $150 for each additional claim.

First claim: $250
$150 x ____ No. of additional claims = $_______
Total = $_______

  • If you own more then ten claims, or are not going to perform labor and improvements:
    * $250 for the first claim, plus $150 for each additional claim, plus $155 per 20 acres
    (or portion of 20 acres. Must round up to 20, 40, 60, 80 ect.)

Example: A 60 acre claim and a 30 acre claim = $250 (first claim) + $150 (additional
claim) = $400 + $775 (90 acres; round up to 100 acres) = $1,175

First claim: $250
$150 x ____ No. of additional claims = $_______
$155 x ____ per 20 acres = $_______
Total = $_______

  • We now offer a "Field Service Package", in which we personally fo to your claim(s) and
    perform the labor and maintenance for you. Prices vary with claim location & contiguity, additional work be done (purchasing signs, monuments, ect.) and any other specifications. Please contact us for pricing. (This can be a more affordable option then paying for your required maintenance fees!!)

Certain labor and improvements are required by law to be performed annually for the benefit of the claim. Labor and improvements totaling at least $100 per claim must be done and filing a list of that work is required. Typical maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trail Maintenance
  • Trash Removal
  • Campsite Improvement
  • Construction and maintenance of roads to the mining claim
  • Moving boulders from roadways for better access
  • Removal of overburden to allow surface mining