Active Fault Studies

Many states require that studies be conducted if there is prior evidence that an "active" fault exists on a property that is proposed for development. California has the strictest rules of all, and Advanced Geologic is experienced in meeting their criteria.

With several completed investigations in both proving or disproving the presence of "active" faulting, Advanced Geologic has the knowledge, wisdom and skills to decipher the complex science that surrounds tectonic issues.

Advanced Geologic maintains an extensive database of information on current and past investigations for specific faults. They are continually upgrading their knowledge by participating in ongoing investigations, maintaining dialogs with other researchers and visiting locations where information has given insight into understanding the facts.

If you or your firm has specific interest in a property that may contain an "active" fault and are planning to develop that property, you should call Advanced Geologic today. We can not only save you time and money, but give you piece of mind.