Advanced Geologic has a wide variety of skills and expertise that can assist either the individual or the large corporation. Our clients have come to us with a wide range of projects, situations or needs that require the help of a down-to-earth professional group that can get the job done effectively and economically. The list below are the general areas in which we have completed projects:

General Geology

Mapping, Sampling, Testing, Evaluation & Presentation, Geologic Tours, Exploration, Identification, Assessment, Mitigation, Development, Policy, Aerial Photo Analysis, Exploration & Production (Domestic and Commercial), Well drilling, Environmental & Construction Engineering & Testing, Geothermal Exploration, Evaluation & Development, Permitting, Compliance & Representation.

Rocks, Minerals & Metals (Placer and Lode Mining Claims)
Rock, Mineral, Crystal and Gem Identification, Aggregate Assessment and Development, Precious Metal Exploration (Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc, etc.), Mining Claim/Property Evaluation, Assessment, and Portfolio Preparation (43-101 Compliant), Claim Staking, Expert Witness, Boundary Verification, , Permitting, Compliance & Representation.
Mining Claims Sales. Small Prospector or Corporate Services.

Environmental Assessment Reports (Phase 1, 2 & 3) Aggregate, Mining, Construction, Environmental, Property Development, Stream and Wetlands Crossings, Site Development, Permitting, Compliance & Representation.

Mining Claim Corner and Boundary Indentification
Mining Claim Maps & Corner Identification, Site Topographic (exclusively for geological purposes) and Geologic Maps, Claim Staking & Research.

Annual Filing Services
Filing Service includes completing the necessary forms, calculating the fees, and filing the documents, in person, with the BLM and the county. Documents will be stamped "received" that day.

Property Management
Total Natural Resource Property Management (EIA or EIS partnership), Wastewater, Surface & Environmental Compliance, Environmental Assessment Reports (ESA 1, 2 and 3), Expert Consulting & Representation.

Percolation Testing, Soil Profiles, Piezometer & Groundwater Analysis, Domestic/ Commercial Wastewater Evaluations, Design & Permitting, Materials Testing, Compliance.

Surface & Groundwater
Domestic and Commercial Well Drilling, Piezometer and Groundwater Analysis, Water Quality/Chemistry, Erosion Control and Assessment (SWPPPs and BMPs), Mitigation, Environmental Flood Analysis, Wastewater, Water Rights, Water Budgets, Wetlands Monitoring, Evaluation and Compliance, Spring Development/Enhancement and Protection, Geothermal Exploration, Evaluation and Development.

Construction Materials Testing
Soil Compaction & Concrete Inspection Testing, Permitting, Compliance & Representation.

Percolation Testing, Soil Profiles, Piezometer and Groundwater Analysis. Standard Designs, Engineered Advanced Designs, Permitting, Compliance & Representation, Inspections, Monitoring.

Natural Hazards
Risk Management, Assessment, Mitigation, Landslides & Slope Stability, Precarious Rock Assessment & Mitigation, Media Earthquake Reports (Seismo-Watch), Active Fault Investigations, Paleoseismic Analysis, Flood Plains Analysis, Natural Hazard Compliance, Historical Land Use Investigations & Reports.

Expert Local/Regional Representation, Consultation, Expert Witness.