Gold Exploration

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There is a saying that "Gold is were you find it", but finding it in abundance or as "ore" is the key.

Whether placer or hard-rock, Advanced Geologic has a wealth of experience in precious metal exploration and the techniques of its recovery. They are professionals and have made several significant discoveries that have made many people and firms very satisfied.

If you need the advantage of experts evaluating your properties or claims, you need to contact the people who can give it to you, and Advanced Geologic can help you realize your fortune.

We can not only help you locate the "high-grade" on your mining claim, but can direct your efforts so that you can be more efficient in your mining activities.

We also have a few sweet placer mining claims that are for sale. These are claims that we would want to mine, but we are willing to sell them to you. They are located in prime areas of known gold mining and will give you multiple opportunities to say "Eureka! I found it". Check 'em out!