Filing Services

Claim Maintenance Services

With metal prices going up, the rush is on to secure new mining claims, and people are scouting for land to claim up. Here at Advanced Geologic Exploration, we know that there is a lot involved with owning a mining claim, including yearly labor and maintenance requirements, filing dates, and keeping your claim free of claim jumpers. Seeing as most of our clients live out of state, we know that this task can be overwhelming! Currently we offer a Filing Service, and after putting our heads together about how to further assist you, we have developed a Claim Maintenance Service and Field Service Package, that can be described below. If you are interested, contact us today! We will assist you in being an active claimant and to keep you from losing your claim!

Claim Maintenance Service Package:

  • Land Status Reviews. (Quarterly)
  • Competitive Claimant Research.
  • Active Claim Status.
  • Keeping Info Current with BLM.

Field Services Package:

  • Checking and Replacing Monuments and Paperwork. (Certain Specifications Apply.)
  • Photographing of Claim
  • Improving Claim Access
  • Performing Labor and Maintenance for Yearly BLM Requirements.
  • Tracking of Unauthorized Disturbances.
  • Trash Clean-Up.
  • Make or Replace Claim Signs or Add Additional Signs.

Pricing: Pricing will vary depending on what services you are requesting, size of claim, and claim location. Please advise about which tasks you wish for us to perform.

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