Mining Claims For Sale

Lights Creek
Placer Mining Claims
Plumas County

Advanced Geologic has four placer mining claim for sale on Lights Creek, four on the West Branch and in the highlands, and two in the Canyon. Lights Creek is known for highgrade paystreaks that have yielded pounds of gold. When considering these claims, think about opportunities for a small to large wash plant - trommel operation. I think you will agree that these claims have extraordinary potential.

These are federal mining claims and the minerals are protected by law. ALL mining activity on these claims is prohibited unless permission is obtained from Advanced Geologic Exploration. Any individual unlawfully mining on our claims without permission will be violating federal mining law and will be prosecuted to the highest extent possible.

West Branch of Lights Creek (the highlands)
Four Kings - 35 acres **Trommel ideal!**
Deuces Wild - 35 acres
Ace in the Hole- 30 acres
One Eyed Jack- 20 acres
Lower Lights Creek (in the canyon)
Starlight- 35 acres
Light Speed - 40 acres **Trommel ideal!**

These placer mining claims are located in the Light’s Canyon Gold Mining District. This district is located in northwestern Plumas County and includes the surrounding areas of Moonlight Valley, Indian Valley, Engel Mine and the Kettle Rock areas. Aside from gold, this district has also been known for copper-mining. Most notable was the Engel and Superior Mines where several hundreds of tons of copper were produced. Gold mining boomed here in the 1850s through extended through the mid 1900s. Recently, the area has undergone an intense geologic resource evaluation in the hopes of opening up the former copper mines. A number of new highgrade zones were discovered through a diamond drill program.

Geology- The central point of the district are underlain by granodiorite and quartz diorite. To the south lies various metamorphic rocks, to the north and the east are Tertiary gravels which have yielded moderate amounts of gold. The quartz-veins within granitic rock contain moderate to highgrade pockets of gold. The ore contains abundant amounts of sulfides, including that of pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite and sphalerite.

Work Cited: “Gold Districts of California” Edition 193. William B. Clark. 1998

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