Placer Mining Claims For Sale

Rich Gulch #1
Placer Mining Claim

±16 Acres

Price: $4,000

  • Year-round access.
  • 2wd access on USF Road 25N22 (Rush Creek Road).
  • Easy access - can pull right up to creek.
  • Recreational to intermediate.
  • Campsite on claim.
  • Lodging, food, and gas nearby in Twain.
  • Children and senior friendly.
  • Shallow water/slow current.
  • Downed trees, tree roots, grass clumps, logs, ect.
  • Gravel deposits/bedrock.

Click here Google Earth Fly To and see an aerial photo of Rich Gulch #1 and the claim boundaries.

Google map it for directions to claim.
Pinpoint is on USF Road 23N22 (Rush Creek Road) and enters/exits Eastern boundary of the claim.

Estimated GPS Coordinates:
Please adjust GPS to the following Datum & Coordinate display:
Datum: NAD27
Coordinates: Decimal Degrees

Northeast Corner Boundary:
40.03644° N
121.12402° W
3399 ft.
Northwest Corner Boundary:
40.03641° N
121.12558° W
3348 ft.
Inner Western Boundary:
40.03387° N
121.12564° W
3239 ft.
Outter Western Corner:
40.03382° N
121.12615° W
3272 ft.
Southwest Corner Boundary:
40.03280° N
121.12618° W
3364 ft.
Southeast Corner Boundary:
39.03277° N
121.12411° W
3321 ft.
USF Road 25N22 Enters/Exits Eastern Boundary:
40.03453° N
121.12398° W
3120 ft.
USF Road 25N22 Enters/Exits Western Boundary:
40.03514° N
121.12561° W
3181 ft.

Standard Information

The Location Notice for the Rich Gulch #1 placer mining claim has been recorded at the Plumas County Recorder's Office (see registered number above) and the Bureau of Land Management federal mining claim number is pending. It is a non-patented federal mining claim. Fees are current and you will need to file appropriate paperwork to hold the property every year thereafter. Annual tax assessment on the property is approximately $1.12 an acre.

BLM Fees & Advanced Geologic Transfer Fees

Upon payment, the mineral claim will be transferred via a notarized Quitclaim notice filed in your name with Butte County and the BLM. Limited payment terms and conditions are available; information available on request.

Advanced Geologic has an exceptional annual claim paperwork filing system that will maintain your annual filings for any claim in the United States. Advanced Geologic reminds you that you MUST file annual notices with both the county in which the claim is located AND with the Bureau of Land Management by the appropriate dates. There are NO exceptions and errors will lead to the loss of your claim! Are your claims filed correctly?

Advanced Geologic is a professional geologic consulting firm located in Chester, California. We not only sell quality mining claims, but we also help people work their claims. Our experience in resource evaluations, compliance and permitting and claim portfolio management allows our clients and buyers to go for the GOLD.

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